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03-12-2013, 07:20 AM
Beams are more difficult to play than turrets. The broadside window is pretty small, and putting your ship into position for it takes you out of position for using your torpedoes. Turning requires motion, so you have to be moving all the time to time this effectively. And if you dont do that, then you will be throwing DPS down the toilet. Also, all energy weapons benefit from high weapons energy, but beams require you to keep it high just to be competitives. Overall, turrets require less effort to use, and if you can get 5+ turrets on a target while also shooting it with a couple of torpedoes and throwing your debuffs and area-effect spells, you are going to do more damage. This is especially true with the very large ships that respond to input slowly.

On the other hand if you can load up with >6 beams and you can keep moving and you can keep energy high its very effective, and will do the same amount of damage as 4 DHCs shooting you.