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Originally Posted by orondis View Post
Except they aren't. All current sci powers are useful if you know how to use them. Heck SS and VM are too useful at the moment.
Really? For most Sci powers there are similar universal console powers, lobi items, p2w gimmicks.

In general, getting the most out of a high level sci power requires more then just a Cmd slot. If i then compare the opportunity cost, and effectivness of these powers, even with doffs most of the time they seem rather underwhelming. Here is a quick rundown

Tykens 3< cotton balls, breen torp, Siphon Drones, ....
GW3 < Graviton Pulse
AMS <?> SS3
JS3 < rep proc
Tach Beam< Tach mines DBP3
CPB < Tach Mines DPB3
Tractor 3 < Danoooooobs
FBP3 doesn't have a console, great for tac cpts i guess
Photonic Office 3< almost every single doff in game, as far as CD reduction goes
PSW3 <?> Nadeon detonator, since that thing flies toyour target, does the stun, and the damage, but one might argue that the aoe nature has its pros.
VM is used a lot since its one of the few things left to sci.
HE3<leadership, all kinds of rep procs borg procs,
TSS3< still great, then again TS1<?> TT1

Probably forgot a few sci skills. My point being if the effectiveness of these consoles is WAD. I don't think that the comparative sci skills are too strong at all. QUite the opposite. DPB3 tac/corts shouldn't be the better shield stripper then a fully dedicated sci/sci, imv. Finally, sci powers have counters, so they should hurt unless one uses the counter.

While we'er at it
AA> Aceton Beam
Theta < EWP, in my book, but i haven't tested theta properly, might be way off here.
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