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Originally Posted by blu3drag0n1977 View Post
there is a very important thing to remember about the disparity of KDF to fed in the ships department and its all about design philosophy.

Klingon StarShip Design differs especially in one area from the design strategy the Federation uses. The Federation designs a totally new class for each (little) advancement and thus each new ship has its own teething troubles.

Klingons upgrade their ships step by step - replacing only the new designed machines and parts and keeping the trusted reliable rest. A better warp core? Okay, then the new core is fitted into the proven ship. Why discard the tested and trusted - only because it has served some years faithfully? Because of this philosophy there are "only" a few classes of Klingon starships
Except this also flies in the face of this exchange from "Sleeping Dogs":

REED: What language?
HOSHI: Klingon. (all draw their phase pistols) I thought you knew Klingon ships. Why didn't you recognise this one from the outside?
T'POL: There are many classes of ships. I'm not familiar with all of them.
REED: So I'm assuming you don't know how many Klingons are on board.

They don't just have a handful or so.

*EDIT: there's still not K'vort class battlecruiser in this game, which is a canon TNG-era ship, and not just in the "Yesterday's Enterprise" timeline.*