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03-12-2013, 09:36 AM
Originally Posted by jacenjacen24 View Post
I would recommend getting rid of omega 3 and training your boff in CRF 3. An then loosing HE and putting polarise hull for the tractor beam break.

With an all cannon build having only CSV is kinda weak.
umm. that is pretty much how not to do it. csv gives half of the dmg bonus that crf gives. but you can dish it out to 3 targets instead of one

losing apo3 for that and gaining polarise hull instead of HE is another matter. you basically give up the two best powers you can ask for. HE is a great for clearing debuffs (plasma fire can be nasty), and gets you a great hull heal. and apo... lets compare it to polarise hull which we want because we dont have apo in your case:
apo gives a dmg boost, a movement boost (including tractor beam resistance), defensive boost (if movement is not enough).
while polarise hull will give a better defensive boost (a bit more than double not counting the movement buff from omega) and tractor immunity and reloads faster...

now you basically give him the option to deal less dmg whit crf3 while losing apo causing him to deal less dmg, and you make it up with polarise hull which lowers his tanking ability (which will translate into less dmg long term).