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Originally Posted by woodwhity View Post
I really dont get the KDF-Faction. You have a nice sum of ships (Battlecruiser as opposed no normal cruisers on FED side), you get dilithium easier than FED, you have nice gadgets (Plasmonic leech, Aceton etc.), the only thing you lack is a story thats as big as the FEDs one.

I think you are just too greedy
Considerimg one of the biggest complaints about the KDF is lack of a linear storyline is keeping many from sticking to playing the faction I do not see how us KDF fans wanting a complete 1-50 storyline for the enjoyment of playing the faction is being greedy.

Whats the point of the only thing a new to the KDF player hangs around for is the ease of acquiring dilithium?
We KDF need a complete faction to complete the Kdf part of the game and add more to the STO han just being fed alt farmers.
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