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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
Smaller cruisers do turn a lot better than their bigger bretheren. The Consitution class cruiser turns pretty well. The Galaxy, however, does not.
Cruiser (aka Constitution Class): Turn Rate of 9 (305 meter length)
Heavy Escort (aka Akira Class): Turn Rate of 15 (464 meter length)

There is absolutely ZERO reason for a larger ship, to have a higher turn rate than a smaller one. Especially if you also consider, the Akira Class has a much larger mass than the Constitution Class refit.

The only reason the Akira has a high turn rate compared to the Constitution in STO, is because the Akira is set up as an Escort. While in actuality, the Akira Class is a Heavy Cruiser.

On the other hand,

Assault Cruiser (aka Sovereign Class): Turn Rate of 7 (680 meter length)
Advanced Escort (aka Prometheus Class): Turn Rate of 15 (415 meter length)

You'll note that the Advanced Escort has an identical turn rate compared to the Heavy Escort, despite the Advanced Escort being of a larger mass compared to the Heavy Escort. In this specific example, they correctly have "larger ship = lower turn rate", whereas in the Constitution/Akira example, the reverse holds true. Granted it's a poor example as the two ships belong in different eras, but going by Cryptic logic, the Constitution Class due to it's smaller size, should have a MUCH higher turn rate than it currently does.

In any case, all ships (Escorts, Cruisers, Science), should get a rebalance of their turn rates and inertia, based on known lengths and mass. A ship that is relatively long, and low mass (such as the Intrepid, at 343 meters and 700k ton mass) would have a rather high turn rate, while a long ship with high mass (such as the Galaxy, at 640 meters and 5000k ton mass) would have a much lower turn rate.

Better example:

Assault Cruiser: 680 meter length, 3500k ton mass
Exploration Cruiser: 643 meter length, 5000k ton mass

The Sovereign is slightly longer than the Galaxy, but has a much lower mass (based on reduced height of 26 decks vs 43 decks). As a result, the Sovereign should have significantly higher turn rate compared to the Galaxy. On the other hand, the Galaxy has 3 impulse engines, while the Sovereign has 2.

After all this "ranting", I suggest that in order to interest more players in the use of cruisers, they must first eliminate the existing "flying brick" feel to cruisers. All cruisers at endgame are extremely slow. What do slower ships benefit from, which faster ships don't?

EDIT: One last example, this time comparing 3 ships of the same tier:

Research Science (aka Olympic): 239 meters, 400k ton, turn 13, inertia 40
Heavy Escort (aka Akira): 464 meters, 3000k ton, turn 16, inertia 60
Heavy Cruiser (aka Cheyenne): 394 meters, 1300k ton, turn 8, inertia 30

There is literally no balance whatsoever between these three ships compared to what they should be. The Akira should be alot slower than the Cheyenne based on tonnage and length. Yet it's signficiantly HIGHER due to it being classified as an "Escort" by Cryptic.

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