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03-12-2013, 10:18 AM
Originally Posted by madblooddoll View Post
one thing though, you can use a sci captain with an escort ship and that's fine to do right? I was confused on ranncore's post, if he meant just making a tactical captain or can a sci captain still play with escorts or dreadnoughts or whatever?
It is totally viable and very effective to go sci captain on an escort ship. Although personally I prefer engi for longevity but sci captains definitely get some cool skills.

I should note that if you REALLY want to fly a sci ship so you have room to slot a few flashy but altogether unnecessary skills the Vesta ships aren't terrible. The Atrox carrier is... pretty terrible, but nonetheless rewarding to play. Reminds me of a Starcraft carrier and looks cool as hell.

Take note of what woodwhitty said, he makes some very good points about tach beam being a joke, and how useful energy siphon and emergency power skills are. I personally don't fly with max aux, cuz I'm an engi and use their energy boost plus EPTA and E-siphon. But with a Vesta your cannons are aux powered. So you might consider that.

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