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# 1 Ship Pack Confusion
03-12-2013, 11:20 AM
Odyssey Pack
Odyssey Operations Cruiser - Engineering
Odyssey Science Cruiser - Science
Odyssey Tactical Cruiser - Tactical

All Commander Engineering Stations ????

Vesta Pack
Federation Multi-Mission Strategic Explorer - Rademaker
Federation Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorer - Aventine
Federation Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer - Vesta

All Commander Science Stations ????

Andorian Kumari Vessels
Andorian Kumari Escort: Charal Class
Andorian Kumari Escort: Khyzon Class
Andorian Kumari Escort: Kumari Class

All Commander Tactical Stations.

Besides the Kumari where they are all listed as Escorts but the question still remains, whats the point of having 3 ship (2 which really count) as having different roles but still have the exact same Commander stations.

The only reason for buying the packs is for the consoles in which the end result will be only 1 ship will be used.

Shouldn't the Vesta / Oddy packs have different commander stations considering their roles are different ?