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03-12-2013, 10:26 AM
(Once again with the stupid no posting of threads thing. I posted this in a New Thread on the Champions Online board but I will post this here as well just for the added exposure since I play both games.To the OP, I can understand your frustration and frankly some of you should cut the guy some slack insead of accusing him of having mental issues or being a troll. Jornado understood this. What follows is what I posted.)

On 3/10/13, I bought two Zen packages using debit/credit. The purchases entered the review process and have stayed there since. I was told by others that the first time buying Zen using a new card could take a few hours sometimes but a few hours has come and gone. In any event, whatever the reason waiting now more than 24 hours to recieve what I paid for is simply unacceptable. I talked to my bank and they assured me that it's not them. I got a confirmation email from Moneybooker saying the transaction was succesful.

At around noon on 3/11/13, I submitted a ticket on this issue asking about the delay and have also yet to recieve an answer to that ticket. Yes you do indeed say to expect a response in 3-4 days but that too is a length of time that is totally unacceptable in this day and age. This all makes less sense considering it's me who wants to give PWE money, and to the tune of $50 no less.

As a customer, I cannot understand this sort of customer service. Having to wait this length of time with no easy way to comunicate with your company completely saps all good feelings I might have had with making this purchase and enjoying what I bought. Again, it does not matter if this is working as intended from your end. I should not have these problems. I do expect some sort of response to this problem. If all that happens is I eventually get what I paid for with no contact, I will be sorely disappointed and will not make anymore purchases in the future.