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03-12-2013, 10:43 AM
My requests

Short Term Requests
- User Interface lag removed, ie inventory and bank. This is the most unpleasant thing about playing Star Trek Online
- Give Projectile Launchers charges and a reload cooldown, like the Borg Plasma Torpedo.
- Give decent Skill and Expertise awards from Low Level STF's.

Medium Term Requests
- Give perks and disadvantages to each kind of ships, like Boosted range for cruisers etc.
- Overhaul ship fitting system, and make Primary (energy) and secondary (projectile) weapons independant slots for ships so we don't have a beam boat for every cruiser
- Remove the Boff Training for reducing Cooldown and instead just improve the actual abilitie's performance.

Long Term Requests
-Greatly improved exploration, using probes and pin pointing devices. Best example: Eve Online's anomally signatures, most fun I have had trying to learn stuff about each system.
-Actual viable Endgame PvE Content. The STF's are the equivilant to a WoW 5-man Dungeon.
-Merge all sector blocks, and instate The Terran, Sauria, Delta Sectors. Sectorblocks that include New Xindus and Azati Prime, Correct the positions of 'western' Sectorblocks of Sol. Place Sol and Memory alpha into their correct Sectors and give PI Canis as a PvE Zone, Where the Sol and Betazed Sector Blocks can be for 1-10, and Sirius and Regulus can be 11-20.