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03-12-2013, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by madnara83 View Post
Hi ppl

I wanted to make a Fed Sci/Sci build for PVE.
What i want to do is dmg mostly, a liitle drain here and there and of course keeping myself alive.

This is my build idea so far.

But since i dont have any xp flying Sci i would appreciate any help.
I have no clue what consoles i should use.
I cant decide what weapons i should use also i thought about beam arrays but beam banks are also nice for front.
For Aft weapons the usual Beam arrays or turrets for 360? fire?
BO skill advice would be nice to u can see my plans in the link.

So yeah any help is appreciate

a sci ship can do damage in several way, however the best you can do is equip a hyper plasma torpedo in the front, use also 2x2DBB ans 3xturrets. To increase the damage use torpedo hi yeld.... your tactical officer can have TT1 and THY2. Use 2 purple conn officer TT variant and 3x purple projectile officers.
eng lt: EPtS1, EPtS2 (or RSP)

sci cmd: HE1, TBR1, GW1, GW2
sci lt cmd: TSS1, ES1, ES2
sci ensign: PH1

You will deal enough damage to do the job of an escort.