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03-12-2013, 12:01 PM

Short Term
- A mirror Galaxy -R with the BOFF & Console Layout of the Ambassador -R.
(easy to accomplish, all ship model parts are already in the game. No balance issue Ambassador is already in the game, too.)

- Beam weapons drawing 25% less energy
(possible in just one patch)

- RCS consoles that give a Flat bonus, so ships that need it most can actually profit from such a console.

Medium Term
- Bigger variety in exploration missions.
(Tthere hasn't been any change in STOs exploration system since 2 years, if i remember correctly.)

- dontdrunkimshoots enhanced exploration cruiser retrofit 3 pack

- giving different ship types different amounts of power availlabe.
Cruisers 800
science 600
escorts 400
Additionally raising the possible max power cap from 125 to 200

Long Term
- Better sector space travel. Space should look big, not interiors.

- More factions.

- Character to First oficer and vice versa.

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