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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
James: *His new suit a greyish black as he looks at the map his son's vision placed there*

Son: *Mentally* The man is a fool thinking he can get the Dominion to help they are not concerned with helping either side... Plus his plan for distraction will fail miserably..

James: Ramez don't take Preston for a fool. He does have support from the liquid metal beings from history... I would expect him to use them... Our weapons given their destructive power still won't do much to them but annoy them..

This fleet *as he points to the second and third* you have most likely sent to their deaths... As they will simpley make the enemy force much more deadly... and larger.. Those asteroids * points to them as they are by Tazi and Celes* are not asteroids... It is them...

Preston knows this tactic and expects it..

The Dominion I expect will be trying to gain influence and probably trying to clash with the Synthesizers over territory... and eagerly waiting to see what happens in this battle.

What we need is a distraction that will not see the destruction of the 2nd and 3rd fleets but see their distraction actually do what is intended... As for bombarding the facility we have been tracking those transport movements of Shedai and Iconian transports and the disappearance of entire Newtype populations in entire systems.. I suspect that he has moved them here and is either using them as hostages and ground forces...

We have no idea as to how the defense on the station are they may have strong enough shielding or orbital weapon platforms...
Ramez: The 2nd and 3rd Fleets haven't left yet, so if you have a suggestion, i'd be glad to hear it.

Sam: What about Aldebaran?

Ramez: It's pretty heavily defended.

Sam: Our last intel on the system was a month ago, and one of General Sun Tzu's tactics was to "attack where your enemy least expects it". He expects us to move through the lightly defended systems, so strike a heavily defended one. Preston's forces won't expect it, and the 2nd and 3rd Fleets will still be able to get through and split up.

Ramez: Good idea, Captain. As for the System's defences, we don't have much intel, and I wouldn't expect it until we reach the target. We don't have time for a scouting mission.

We can send a scout 6 hours ahead of us, to get the sensor data, but it'll mean moving the 2nd and 3rd Fleets Distraction forward as well. If we have them attack Aldebaran, I'd rather they have more time.

Sam: Admiral, I helped the Federation test the Aldebaran Defences. If anyone can get through...

Ramez: I need you here Captain.

However, Captain Forrester was with you on the mission.

Sam: He knows just as much as I do.

Ramez: Very well. I'll have the Matthew Neilson rendezvous with the 3rd fleet.

Admiral Allen, the Dominion are moving as we speak. They should be arriving at the Idran System any moment now. I have Councillor Odo's personal assurances on that.
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