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Originally Posted by woodwhity View Post
I really dont get the KDF-Faction. You have a nice sum of ships (Battlecruiser as opposed no normal cruisers on FED side), you get dilithium easier than FED, you have nice gadgets (Plasmonic leech, Aceton etc.), the only thing you lack is a story thats as big as the FEDs one.

I think you are just too greedy
I think, the fact alone, that you start in your Bird of Prey at level 20 with only common equipment, no energy credits, dilithium and even no bridge officers (you have to do an boring 30 min tutorial to get some) reject already 80% of people considering to start playing KDF.

The next point is that the ship and character customization seroisly lacks behind FED. This, and the fact, that there is beside the Omega / Romulan REP no development of your character / ship, because there are nearly no C-store goodies for KDF, leads to resignation of another 15%.

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