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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
James: I don't think even a token force would be enough... I see the Dominion locking horns with the synthesizers as we speak.. Believe me they want to see which side wins...

But other than that... Aldebaran is a better choice..

You must wonder though where did all those vessels go? By the way Admiral Ramez a word in private?
Ramez: Of course.

Sam: I'll leave you to it, but first, James, how can the Synthesisers be engaged with the Dominion when the Synthesisers are on the other side of the Galaxy?

*Sam walks out.*

Ramez: She raises a good point. Another thing, the Dominions idea of a 'token force' usually equates to 1500 ships, from what we've seen. I'd definitely take those odds.

Anyway, what did you want to speak with me about?
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