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Originally Posted by ryan218 View Post
Ramez: Of course.

Sam: I'll leave you to it, but first, James, how can the Synthesisers be engaged with the Dominion when the Synthesisers are on the other side of the Galaxy?

*Sam walks out.*

Ramez: She raises a good point. Another thing, the Dominions idea of a 'token force' usually equates to 1500 ships, from what we've seen. I'd definitely take those odds.

Anyway, what did you want to speak with me about?
James: *Mentally to Sam* Don't think they are staying there I am sure your other half wishes to use this time to spread outward.. Check the gamma quadrant once again sector 403.

Of course it does.. But I am sure Preston has been planning for this for quite a while... even close to 5000 will be outgunned...


*OOC: I think you know what James is going to do.. At least once.. For the little incident earlier that cost him Miranda and maybe time with his children.. Nothing fatal but some terse words and a punch..*

Why did you give Sam those orders while I was on board.