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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
James: *Mentally to Sam* Don't think they are staying there I am sure your other half wishes to use this time to spread outward.. Check the gamma quadrant once again sector 403.

Of course it does.. But I am sure Preston has been planning for this for quite a while... even close to 5000 will be outgunned...


*OOC: I think you know what James is going to do.. At least once.. For the little incident earlier that cost him Miranda and maybe time with his children.. Nothing fatal but some terse words and a punch..*

Why did you give Sam those orders while I was on board.
Ramez: Admiral, I'm sorry for your loss, but we had a feeling that the Synthesisers were up to something.

It wasn't my call. I tried to tell Command to either give her time to run the procedure, or transfer you to a Medical Station, but they didn't want to risk the Synthesisers using the time to build up.

If I hadn't given Sam the orders, it wouldn't have changed anything. Command would have just issued the order themselves.

I know it's little consolation, but thanks to her sacrifice, and yours, we've got confirmed, up to date information on Synthesiser numbers and strategic data.

I AM sorry, Admiral. I know what it means to lose someone. My son was Captain of the R.S.S. Saratoga when it was destroyed during the Borg Assault on the Republic. I know how much pain you must be going through.

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