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Ramez: Admiral, I'm sorry for your loss, but we had a feeling that the Synthesisers were up to something.

It wasn't my call. I tried to tell Command to either give her time to run the procedure, or transfer you to a Medical Station, but they didn't want to risk the Synthesisers using the time to build up.

If I hadn't given Sam the orders, it wouldn't have changed anything. Command would have just issued the order themselves.

I know it's little consolation, but thanks to her sacrifice, and yours, we've got confirmed, up to date information on Synthesiser numbers and strategic data.

I AM sorry, Admiral. I know what it means to lose someone. My son was Captain of the R.S.S. Saratoga when it was destroyed during the Borg Assault on the Republic. I know how much pain you must be going through.
James: You are no better than Preston... you or command... Does that still give them the right to do that to me and my children...

I am dying Ramez... probably in a few weeks... Those two kids of mine will be orphans and it is all thanks to you and command...

*Decks his with a haymaker jarring a a tooth or two out... *

*After a little bit*

James: Don't get me wrong but I would not have done it.. Not at the human price.