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# 1 More Sound Bugs
03-12-2013, 11:53 AM
Ever since the patch, I've been getting the announcements from PvE 20-man Starbase Defense missions.

If I go into just one mission, the announcements, such as "Large enemy fleet detected!" or "Enemy ships near our outlying facilities!" or "Comm array has suffered significant damage!" or any of the other announcements repeating constantly - often over themselves.

This happens in the PvE mission itself as well as when loading into and traveling through sector space (no matter which sector), in any mission whatsoever (regardless of location), on planets, in Spacedock, in fleet Starbase, on my bridge, in my small craft - EVERYWHERE.

I turn down all other sounds, and I still hear these repeating announcements. It also starts to get scratchy and distorted after a while.

It's almost like the audio from the PvE 20-man mission gets caught up in a loop and just can't stop.