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03-12-2013, 11:58 AM
I will be honest I don't even have a shuttle on any of my kdf alts never did the mission

But now I realised how much it gets up people's noses I'm gunna switch back to my fed alts and step into my shuttle...because I can tell you now you lot aren't goin to tell me what I can and can't fly!

For instance I play mostly kdf and the 5 cap n holds I played today had 10 different odyssey and galaxy's classes all with rainbow beams now on about the 3rd match I flew up to one of them and Parked my bop uncloaked about 1km off this galaxy I used no buffs or heals and didn't fire any weapons it took literally 3 minutes of play time for this thing to take me to 20% hull

Now I can take my tier 3 battle cruiser(the d7 looking thing) into a pvp cap and hold run for about 15-20 minutes and get around 500k damage so I ask you this whos more in the wrong?

And I bet you now I could of done more damage than most of the oddys that were out there in my shuttle with 2 weapon slots
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