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Got some more.

Suggestion 12

Thinking about Doff assignment chains gave me an idea. Linked chains of short missions, that may be randomly encountered in exploration zones; maybe in a specific zone, or maybe spread over a selection of exploration zones (for example, some shadowy threat beyond Romulan space, might involve all of the exploration zones which border Romulan space).

It would almost be like watered down FE series'; except that finding these missions would be a matter of random chance.

They could be anything really. A series of encounters with a machine race determined to wipe out all organic life, leading up to a search for their point of origin to either destroy them at the source, or convince them that organics 'aren't so bad really'. An archaeological expedition which uncovers clues that a race previously thought extinct was actually alive and well; eventually leading to a first contact situation. The discovery of destroyed planets, suggesting at the existence of another Doomsday Machine; then an attempt to find it and stop it before it reaches any inhabited systems.

They need not be big and complicated things; just tell a little story that doesn't fit in anywhere else.

Suggestion 13

Speaking of the Doff system, what if there were certain events that were triggered by completing enough Doff assignments of a particular type, in a particular zone?

For example, if you've set up x number of trade routes into the region, perhaps the local races decide to try forming trading alliance; and you get invited to mediate at the negotiations. Or if you have helped establish x number of new colonies in the region, you then get asked to assist with establishing a new Starbase or outpost; so that Starfleet can provide security for those colonies.

It would further the sense that the players are actually making a difference by their actions; helping create the illusion that what they do out on the frontier is having some lasting effect on the game setting.


Now, I just wanted to take a moment to explain some of my thinking when it comes to exploration content.

What I'd really like to see here is content that is technically 'repeatable', but allows each player to come away with his or her own story to tell.

'What did you get up to today?'

'Well, I explored some ancient ruins full of man eating bugs, made friends with a rather attractive pirate lady, and saved a planet from a giant space amoeba. You?'

'Had a running battle across three systems with some low-tech Cylon wannabes, made first contact with a race of orange conjoined twins who argue a lot, and narrowly avoided getting married to a tribal chieftain's daughter by this much [--].'

'Was she pretty?'

'Not really.'

It would be better than just complaining about grind whenever we compare notes, yes?
Exploration suggestions thread - give it a read

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