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Originally Posted by hydrodura View Post
i come to the conclusion as long as hurlybird and the fleet he mention Sad Pandas, Inner Circle, TSI, or Turkish RP Heroe Orion Slave Girls' if they have his mentality PvP community is doom.
You mistake elitism for cold, hard reality. I'm not saying these things to be mean, or put people down. I'm saying it because it's the truth, despite the fact that it's the truth that nobody wants to hear. It's time that we put mediocrity in the limelight and fixed it. That's why I've created the Jorf Guide, not to rub it in people's face, but to help them transcend the self-imposed ceilings that are holding them back.

It's not just myself that thinks this way, but more or less everyone who plays at a very high level. I'm just the poor sod who has the guts to say it. Earlier I had a Steam conversation with such a high level player who is active in this thread, and it went like this:

hurleybird: Who would be easier to train to a high level, everything else being equal: A PvEr that has never PvPed, or someone that has been indoctrinated by the likes of [redacted - fleet that is active and acting outraged in this thread]

[redacted]: blank slate

Hurleybird: Definitely

[redacted]: with a "pre trained" guy, you have to de proram to re program

[redacted]: i think you said that like a sledge hammer on the forums by the

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