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Originally Posted by woodwhity View Post
I really dont get the KDF-Faction. You have a nice sum of ships (Battlecruiser as opposed no normal cruisers on FED side), you get dilithium easier than FED, you have nice gadgets (Plasmonic leech, Aceton etc.), the only thing you lack is a story thats as big as the FEDs one.

I think you are just too greedy
Nah, most of us are just being logical and practical.

I don't have an issue with the range of ships the KDF has atm. Maybe except the utter lack of sci. vessels. Guess I could go by with the reference - KDF has prime access to raiders and Fed. does not, so Fed. gets prime acess to sci. vessels and no raiders. But, somehow does not seem fair to the sci.class of the KDF not to be able to use a proper science ship at end-game except the Varanus, or to be forced to gamble for a Korath. If we shouldn't have acess to sci. ships then there should be a different class for the KDF.

Once again, personally I don't have an issue with the range of ships availible to the KDF. I however might have an issue with KDF ships in the near future if there is no story content for lvl 1-20 and the possibility of starting as a KDF from the begining. Because if there are not more players in the KDF, the devs. will not overwhelm theirselves to make new KDF ships on regular basis, as they already stated. Then the KDF might really suffer from disparity. You tell me, is this greed or pure logic and survival?

But what actually really bugs me is the romulan rep. and NR for the KDF. IMO it's completely out of character for the faction. For ex., if I want to enhance the battlecloak on my BoP, I need to get a Romulan Boff. But, when I think of looking at Romulans when I go to my bridge I get a strange feeling in my stomach. One would think that they'd at least also make Remans availible to get, because I don't want to see Romulans serving on my BoP.