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03-12-2013, 02:28 PM
I think it would be helpful if they made turn rate literally increase at lower speeds. Currently, your ship "turns" better at lower speeds as a function of turn rate and speed making a little circle with the crappy turn rate instead of a giant circle with the crappy turn rate. But when you are going slower, it makes sense that you have more engine power available to maneuvering thrusters, so the faster you go, the lower your turn rate, the slower you go, the higher your turn rate. So when a cruiser really needs to maneuver, cut to 1/2-1/4 impulse, your turn speed goes up, change your direction, then kick it back up. So, in the oddy for example, if it's turn is average of 10 degrees per second (when you look at the stats while moving) when you cut to 3/4 impulse it could go to 11, 1/2 takes it to 12, 1/4 takes it to 13.

I'm keeping the turn bonus to a modest 1 point per quarter step down from full as applying this across the board to all ships could get real messy if the turn rate increases were higher. Though they could do an inverse proportion so that ships that already have really fast turns have more modest gains from slowing down and bigger ships have higher gains from slowing down.

Cryptic has also claimed that one of the reasons for the crappy cruiser turn rate is that they start to be "squirrely" and odd looking fighting their inertia rating. Which is true, I've gotten some cruisers to have high turn ratesl by going full engines with lots of rcs and they do look... off. Well, the proposed slower speed=literal faster turn, not just the appearance of a faster turn, would totally remedy that situation.