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Lost? Confused? Struggling with the effects of Andorian Shingles? FED <Mercenary Corp> KDF <Vindictive Syndicate> understands, we know Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence! But it dosen't have to be that way. Your Guild chat getting a little dull or down right lame? Join a place where F bombs aren't offensive consider family friendly.Join and enjoy perks level 3 starbase that is fully stocked!

Contact for Invites to Join @Nova2284 @Meshmesh @licinania @Zedigollia or Contact Us for more info about the fleet. Please don't send ingame emails we don't read them.


whats the lvl of your starbases?
we currently have a tier 3 FED starbase, tier 1 FED Embassy, and tier 1 KDF starbase.

Do you have a mic and headset program?
Yes teamspeak3

How many Active players do you have?
at high times we have 6-10 low times 2-4.

What we are Not looking for...

People looking for a hand outs Or Quick fix for Fleet Loots.
Highly Sensitive People.
Drama Queens.
!!!SimpleMinded or illiterate unable to read well; lacking education !!!

We don't want you don't Apply!

Otherwise heres our website>

If you would like to make a post here we will get back to you by In-game mail, Chat, or, post back to this Tread with in 24 hours or sooner.

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