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Originally Posted by admiralq1732 View Post
answer both, you get nice all round damage by hybriding beam arrays and turrets.
Don't ever ever do this. Or use full turrets, for that matter. They do absolutely piss-poor damage even with rapid fire, most cruisers don't have the tac slots to make proper use of cannon skills anyway, and the fact you do the same piss-poor damage from every angle doesn't make it stop being poor.

Load beam arrays, preferrably with the experimental romulan beam so you can have eight arrays going at once with a manageable drain (sub that for a DBB or torpedo if you lack it). Fit a Fire at Will in your tac slots somewhere and keep EptW (and preferrably Aux2Bat and other weapon power increasers/weapon drain reducers) up at all times. Enjoy massive broadside damage for little effort.