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03-12-2013, 02:44 PM
I understand the revoking of the IOR repeatable but there's something you've missed. The time-system you use, however it's calculated... Is so freken BROKE it's not even funny! I'm a mini-max tac captain rocking the charal. I have no problem obliterating missions that would take most others 20-30 mins + in 8-10 mins. Mirror universe for example, a pure f2p player with a good team get it done in 7-10 mins. I can complete it in 5.

I have built my ship for immense power and enough tank to not die at all in pve, does that mean since I've put more effort into my ship to make it more powerful, I must revoke that in order to keep balance for people's foundry's? Pft. If it does, you'll be losing over a dozen paying players one of which being myself. I enjoy foundry missions as a way to "free roam" around the game so to speak as players tend to include FAR more variety in their foundry missions than exist in the other elements of the game. I have made my own and love playing it, it's a solid challenge it even takes me about 20 minutes to complete and aside from that it gives loot which is of course a nice perk but still 200-300k in replicator scrap is not as useful as 800 or so dilithium that it easily deserves.

Another flaw in this current design, is that you've neglected to include PLAYERS. Into your equations. Bare in mind, the people that play this game are REAL they do actually exist. As such, most humans will bypass something if they're getting very little or nothing for their time, thus the tremendous issue with foundry missions which go above and beyond this "minimum time" is created. I've had real trouble convincing even fleet members to try it out because it's got a big red flag at the top saying "not eligible for rewards" or whatever, when I know one person in my fleet took over 40 minutes to complete it (sci captain in case you're wondering).

Lastly I completely support the author rewards argument here. The decision makers I suspect will either ignore this completely or fob us off with "it's too much trouble to change the mechanics of the foundry" or some lame excuse to that effect. I still think, regardless of whatever con you might possibly think up against an author playing their own mission, with the current pathetic system they can't alter the rewards much anyway and think about this for a minute. If they try, they'll have to be on their account. Doing nothing else, at that particular time. ERGO... WHAT POSSIBLE PROBLEM COULD THERE BE WITH IT? Besides... Missions like mine can't be afk'd at all lmao. Either way, don't charge 10k dilithium to an author to make foundry missions for every body else EXCEPT they who made it. That's pure unadulterated filth if you ask me. Had I known that before I purchased my slots, I would never have bothered, it's quite literally sickening and I think they should properly consider trying to implement either a new system with a quest-based reward, or mend the current one and add rewards for authors.

P.S. I don't care about the fleet marks if it'll make you bring back the old 960 reward for foundry's and allow authors to use it, that'd be Brilliant. As a fleet We run regular No-wins, starbase defense, mine trap etc anyway and I'd suggest to people wanted fm's for their fleets try them instead of the more lame instances.