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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Does somebody inject the slippery slope argument into this? I mean, given the thoughts expressed here and there by certain's not really as farfetched to suggest that slope as it may outwardly appear.

The guy flying the shuttles (is it our old irrefutable friend? - I miss that thread)
That's him.

Quote: being told that he is not contributing and is ruining it for everybody else. If he wants to fly a shuttle, he should do private matches.

Okay, are there any other folks that might have been told that they're not contributing as well? Are there any types of Careers, Ships, Weapons, etc, etc, etc where somebody at some point has said they do not make a contribution?

At what point, is it really a case that those that do not feel that XYZ contribute - should do private matches - rather than insist that everybody else does, eh?
There are lots of people who don't make much of a contribution to the team and are pretty much cannon fodder for the other tside. It's annoying, but you know they're trying.

Going into a match deliberately flying a shuttle or a lower tier ship you don't stand a chance in, is just being an arse to the other nine people in the match. It's pretty much suiciding for dilithium, at least AFKers generally don't respawn when killed.

Of course this whole problem would be solved if Cryptic instigated a vote-to-kick feature. That way no one would need to be banned and people won't have a whole match wasted.
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