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One small nitpick regarding the timeline: Marcus Kane refers to the battle of Sector 001 as having occurred "three years ago" - according to Memory Alpha it actually occurred in mid-2373 (sometime before DS9 ep. 5x14 "In Purgatory's Shadow") There's a bit of confusion with stardates (due to the writers of FC not being on the same page as the writers of DS9) but the presence of Worf and the Defiant in the battle establishes that it occurred no earlier than 2372.
I understand your confusion, but the reference to the Borg parts removed from Picard seems to indicate that what Kane meant was the attempted Borg incursion into Earth, following the Battle of Wolf 359, as seen in the TNG episode "The Best of Both Worlds, pt 2". It wasn't, strictly speaking, a battle; instead, when Data used his connection with Picard/Locutus to execute a shutdown command through an unguarded backdoor in the Borg software, the cube self-destructed. However, being as the Battle of Sector 001, as seen in First Contact, was still several years in the future, Kane's reference is comprehensible, if not technically correct.

Besides, it was a good story. That excuses a lot.
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