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Originally Posted by tsurutafan01 View Post
There have been nine ships playable by KDF characters added in Season 7 so far. But don't let that disrupt people who claim they haven't got a new ship in "years" from telling their tales. I find if endlessly entertaining watching people say things that are blatantly untrue try and prove otherwise.

C-Store ship... probably not long after that countdown timer hits 0.
I don't do forum stuff very often, so I hope I'm not "feeding the troll," or whatever the expression is.

I have not, myself, said there are "no new ships" or that it's been "years" since the KDF got any new ships. And, on this count, you are correct-- such a claim would be untrue. But here's the problem: what the KDF has gotten have been ships which are so obviously "let's take this Federation ship and make it all Klingon-y" that it can sometimes feel a little insulting.

We've gotten the Kamarang, which is exactly that-- an Ambassador that's been made Klingon-y. While it's not a total carbon copy of the Ambassador (it has less hull, better turn rate, can cloak, and can mount dual cannons), the ship is so obviously just a quick-and-dirty conversion that it was a little disappointing, really.

The same applies to the Bortasqu' line of battle cruisers, though they at least came up with a set of distinct consoles for it, making it feel like it was the last time that Cryptic/PWE put any sort of real effort into anything KDF-related.

Case in point here: the Korath- and Krenn-classes of timeships. The Korath is, statistically, 100% identical to the Wells-class temporal science vessel, while the Krenn is a blatant carbon-copy of the Mobius-class destroyer. Same consoles, same turn rate, same weapons options, etc.

So, between Bortasqu'-line variants, that's seven of nine, there (was the Bortasqu'/Oddessy late Season 6 or early Season 7-- I get easily mixed up on that sort of thing). I'm trying to figure out what your last two are. If you're talking the tier-3 Kamarang and the Rhozhenko time-shuttle, I'm going to be a little disappointed, since I'm talking end-game, and there's only two missions you can use a shuttle in anymore.

If you're talking cross-factional vessels, such as the Chel'grett, the Jem'hadar carriers, the Tuffli, etc., well... you're kinda' missing my point. Those are even more carbon-copy-ish than the super-blatant Korath- and Krenn-classes.

The KDF really doesn't get ships of its own. We get slightly-tweaked Federation left-overs, at best. And that's a pity. It tells KDF players that the developers really don't care about them.
I find that genuinely disheartening.

Thanks for letting me put out my little rant here. I probably wouldn't have gotten a chance to express myself this thoroughly without it.
And sorry if I accidentally called you troll, Tsurutafan.
No hard feelings?

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