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Don't ever ever do this. Or use full turrets, for that matter. They do absolutely piss-poor damage even with rapid fire, most cruisers don't have the tac slots to make proper use of cannon skills anyway, and the fact you do the same piss-poor damage from every angle doesn't make it stop being poor.

Load beam arrays, preferrably with the experimental romulan beam so you can have eight arrays going at once with a manageable drain (sub that for a DBB or torpedo if you lack it). Fit a Fire at Will in your tac slots somewhere and keep EptW (and preferrably Aux2Bat and other weapon power increasers/weapon drain reducers) up at all times. Enjoy massive broadside damage for little effort.
Got a SC/Turret/Torpedo set on my Ambassador refit and actually manage to do pretty good with it in elite. Not on par with my escorts, but it's a viable set nonetheless.