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03-12-2013, 05:07 PM
This happens to me often.

When I buy a tactical box, I end up with 80% tacs and very few security.
Engineering box, 80% operations, very few engineers.
Science box 70% science, rarely medical.

I'm getting quite annoyed with this, as it gives me a massive surplus of ones I don't need in order to acquire the ones I do.

After every box session, I have to put around 20-30 doffs in mailbox because they're not the ones the fleet assignment required.

They need to break down the boxes further into sub-categories:

Tactical tier gives you the option to purchase both tactical and security boxes.
Engineering tier=engineering and operations boxes
Science tier=science and medical boxes.

This way you can control precisely what kind of doff you recieve and are not recieiving a surplus of unnecessary doffs in order to acquire a few of the ones you need.