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Thank you ^_^ Marcus is now sadly dispatched (the unfortunate transporter accident he feared) but if a future LC was to present the opportunity to collaborate again, I would certainly welcome the opportunity ^_^
So I gathered. Nonetheless I'd love to see more retrospective pieces like this one down the road. They offer such great insights into characters past and present.

That one is totally my fault... I had believed that the Enterprise-E had been launched in 2370, and from Geordi's line to Picard that they had been out in space nearly a year, I had assumed that the battle of Sector 001 had taken place in 2370
No worries. The only reason it caught my eye is because I'm working on fleshing out the back stories of my characters and I had to work out where the battle fell in chronologically with the end of the Federation-Klingon War and the beginning of the Dominion War. Its one of those cases where continuity errors in canon make things difficult for fanfic authors.

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