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03-12-2013, 05:43 PM
I use all beams, with 2 front and rear. The other 2 slots usually have torpedoes so I can fire 2 faster, or dual beams. Don't have many problems on PVE with them. Getting turned for broadside isn't that bad, the slow turn rate at times helps as by the time my front or rears end their countdown. I've already got into position for torpedoes. Using fire at will comes in handy as well on pesky fighters and smaller ships. Since they like to speed past you on attack runs. Makes it easier to target them, and do damage to soften them up so you can destroy them faster. I will say using broadside with 4 beams. Hit the move that adds penetration, and you can really chew up your target. Most of the time, when I get back into position for torpedoes. Their shields are gone, and they turn to debris.

Never messed with turrets much other than the DC/DHCs mounted on my KDF Battlecruisers. And those have a very narrow arc. But can really chew up your target once you got it locked on.

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