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03-12-2013, 06:25 PM
Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
Yeah turrets are weak, but so are beams, and beams only beat turrets when you can hold a broadside. But when you cant hold it, the 6 turrets beat the 3 beams that actually are firing. Which is better depends on playstyle, the situations you find yourself playing in, etc.
Beams aren't weak, and if you think so you're probably equipping a cruiser wrong. Which I don't mean as an offense; it's actually a bit counterintuitive since you really have to set them up differently from escorts, even if you're going for damage.

For example you absolutely have to keep weapon power at at least 100 to do decent damage in a cruiser, and have ample tools to do so... but that's true for both beams and turrets, and you'll do far more damage broadsiding over fairly wide arcs with beam arrays than you'll do from any angle with turrets. And it isn't really that hard to keep a broadside angle in PVE (especially since those arcs extend above/below your ship too) unless you're in something with a crappy turn rate like a Galaxy or something which you shouldn't be because I assume you know what you're doing. Similarly, you really don't want to mix weapon types if you can help it since you're getting far less effect from your active tactical skills, and you especially want to make the most of fire at will. It's both AoE and crazy single target damage and is vastly underrated, even with its accuracy issues.

While you often see builds loading a DBB or torpedo or something, this is solely because having eight beam banks is generally too much power drain to handle, and it's part of why the experimental romulan beam is so amazing even if you're not using plasma weaponry, since it drains no power, adds to your broadside, and is affected by beam skills. I'd really recommend against a rear torpedo, but could always throw an omega cutting beam there for some extra damage at all angles and the chance for the amazing 2-piece proc with the console.