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The first, and most important, thing to look at for a revamp of the exploration system is the rewards structure. Let's make it something people will want to do, then we can look at making it better. In it's current state I could actually see myself blowing an hour or two in the exploration clusters every few days but for one major issue: lack of rewards.

Currently you have a wrapper mission on a 24 hour cooldown that gives you a pittance of experience and dilithium and a 30 minute repeataple for each cluster that gives a pittance of experience and nothing else.

I've talked with a few people in my fleet and they were in general agreement that scrapping the 24 hour repeatable and giving the 30 minute repeatable a dilithium reward of something like 480 or 500 would be a step in the right direction. Alternately, leave the wrapper and add a reward box, such as the one that used to be attached to the foundry daily wrapper way back when, to the repeatables. Something besides experience so that you've got a reason to want to run the missions.
That seems reasonable to me. Enough to take you up the refinement limit if you spent your gaming day just exploring, but not enough to be exploitable.

I hadn't given rewards much thought myself; since, deep down, I suspect any revamp of the rewards would lead to 'exploration reputation' or similar. Didn't really want to dwell on that.
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