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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Don't you mean it can roflstomp and entire armada Federation ships?
The Borg Cube in "First Contact" easily fought an entire Fleet of ships and what happens when Voyager engages the more heavily armed and armored version of that Cube?
Voyager wins!
This has nothing to do with the Galaxy class, it's the hack writing Voyager was so infamous for.
I'm not talking about what it was seen doing on screen, I'm talking about the stats you can find on Memory Alpha. According to that the Intrepid has the same number and type of phaser arrays that the Galaxy was eventually upgraded to, and 5 torpedo launchers instead of 2 (although probably a smaller complement of torpedoes, no solid information on that there). Furthermore, the shields of the Intrepid class are far more advanced than those of the Galaxy class, and it is a far smaller and quicker target.

And as far as the tac cube thing, it didn't really go that way. Voyager was defeated and ran twice before the final battle, in which they had significant help from a sphere, and still didn't actually destroy the tac cube, it self-destructed. Plus it was in the 7th season, so Starfleet had had a lot of experience fighting the Borg, an advantage they didn't have for the battles of Wolf 359 or Sector 001 (while the Borg did know practically everything about Starfleet, having assimilated numerous officers and crewmen).