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03-12-2013, 06:05 PM
...ianal, but i'd assume it's something like "to shield themselves from chargebacks or legal action should someone attempt to use a stolen credit card or paypal account". I haven't read the small print, but it's possible that creating a payment profile in such a fashion constitutes a digital signature, which would (at least in part) free pwe from liability should someone use stolen monies to buy stuffs from them. They could be like "check out this digisig! we thought it was "x" handing us his own money, so we're not giving it back...add another count of fraud to "identity thief's" list of charges for damages."

of course, i could be wrong and pwe is who's behind all my recent sock and underwear disappearances. i will say (as i just did in a couple other threads) that i've given pwe a bunch of my money, and have never been overcharged or defrauded. also, that i've long set up a payment profile (what you're complaining about), and have not recieved any junk mail, solicitor phone calls, or even e-mail spam because of it: which tells me that they probably don't sell their info.