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Originally Posted by jadensecura View Post
I'm not talking about what it was seen doing on screen, I'm talking about the stats you can find on Memory Alpha.
No offense but Memory Alpha is what its stated on screen.

Also the Galaxy design started in the 2350's, the Enterprise-D was launched in 2363 as the Intrepid class was much newer, even if we have no dates we do know Voyager was launched in 2371, thats 8 years later.

Also for the record, Voyager only had 13 visible phaser strips and the Galaxy class had 12/14 (those extra 2 were only seen once in a ship) and yes, it have 5 (2 forward, 2 rear and one ventral) but I stress the word launchers ... it launched not only torpedoes but also probes and tricobalt devices along other things.

Its not surprising the Galaxy had less but I remind you even the Excelsior had very visible 2 forward launchers, heck the Constitution Refit had 2 tubes so the Excelsior was in that role "better" that the Galaxy, outside the phasers (Mk VIII vs Mk X).