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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
No offense but Memory Alpha is what its stated on screen.
Absolutely, I just meant that I'd say it's a bit more reliable to go by what's stated on screen than by which ship blows up first in any individual encounter.

I do agree that the number of launchers is probably not that significant, especially given that the Enterprise-E managed to drain its entire magazine of torpedoes within just a couple of minutes through just 10 launchers in Nemesis. The fact that the Galaxy class almost certainly carried more torpedoes than the Intrepid class would wind up being more important. But the Intrepid class is able to match the armament of the Galaxy in a ship of half the length and with superior shielding in only around a decade (no hard data, but Memory Beta puts it at 13 years between first launches, so we can go with that or your 8 years, doesn't matter). No knowing exactly how much it outclasses a Galaxy by, but it does seem to outclass it. More than doubling ship performance in a decade seems far too much for simple technological advancement (especially since it's the exact same weapons being used), and so would have to be explained by a change in design philosophy, which was my original point.