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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
KDF Battlecruise
already have one and have my next two KDF ships planned out I think

Still looking for suggestions here. I was going through the list earlier, and the only ship besides the Armitage that really jumps out at me is the Assault Cruiser Refit, due to the consoles and stats. But the Ambassador Support Cruiser Retrofit is very close to that in stats already--a little weaker in each area, and clearly inferior in total, but its not a wholly different ship. If I did the grinding for that, I would end up parking the Ambassador for storage, and be right back where I am now.

I'm not attracted to ships that require decloaking into surprise butsecz alpha strike

Hopefully somebody with a large personal fleet can clue me in, if I'm reading the situation wrong, but it seems that Armitage is the best choice *if* I'm willing to grind for it.