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03-12-2013, 09:32 PM
  • Embassy "Enhanced Intelligence" Ops vanity project: DONE.

  • Upgrade Recruitment Facilities III: DONE.

  • Shipyard IV: Contributions complete, timer running. 10 days remain from the time of this posting.

  • Embassy Diplomacy Tier II: Contribution collection to begin in 8 hrs.

  • Current Starbase focus 2:1 Science:Engineering, this should put both Tier 4 projects landing at nearly the same time... eep!

  • Recruitment continues to flourish - currently over 75 unique accounts/players associated with Bloodbath, approximately 1/3 fully "active" in any given week, plus those who rotate in and out of active play on a monthly basis (we rarely have anyone leave, and have no time limits on active status or purge cycles), the remainder inactive or parked alts.

  • And in addition to all that, big gains in XP as always!
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