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03-12-2013, 10:04 PM
I liked stardestoyer001's post. A lot of good information.

1. The Galaxy X Dreadnaught is light on console slots. It was the beast of burden in Season One but has been outclassed and outdated by everything created since. Which is sad, because I still love her.

2. The Tactical version of the oddy is a nice balance but you really need all three inherent consoles to get the advantages this ship brings to battle.

3. As an Engineer, I am 100% sold on the Fleet Retro Excelsior Cruiser. Man she is a joy to fly.

4. I have the heavy escort carrier and I would say, think reliant with a hanger bay. I do well in this ship as long as you run your pets as a tactical bonus. Use them to occupy your targets guns while you finish them off. I run quad cannon, dual heavy cannons in the front with Cutting beam and turrets in the rear. I see many captains running the plasma torpedo in the front but really my targets are dead before the main volley hits. I don't think you can go wrong with this ship.

An Engineer would do well in the HEC if you have your boffs trained right.

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