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For some odd, strangely inconvenient reason, none of the support links through the website are working. None of them. I can't contact Cryptic directly even if I wanted to/even if they bothered to respond.

My ticket consisted of something like "My Khitomer STF ground accolade for receiving a Borg science bridge officer isn't working; I have already done 'Report to Gamma Orionis' and I have done what I needed to in Khitomer ground twice (die in the assimilation chamber before anyone blows it up) without any accolade popup or ability to receive the boff from the Admiral in Gamma Orionis battle group." It didn't have profanity, didn't have any personal complaints against Cryptic, nothing bad or vulgar or stupid. I just wanted to get a response to my trouble with this accolade.

Has anyone else had some ******* GM delete your ticket on something fairly significant as well? Have any of you tried a direct approach with Cryptic through the website? Do they even respond? I'm somewhat averse to opening up another in-game ticket: my ticket above ^ went 5-6 days without a response before some douchebag deleted it.