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03-13-2013, 01:26 AM
The continual nerfing of science abilities and their general lack of canon.

I play pve exclusively and would love nothing more then the skills to be separated so that science skills in pve can finally act and function like they should. ever since season 3 it's been a downhill roll for science ships. Science ships don't even have the basic differences that distinguish them from one another.

And sensor analysis shouldn't take 15 minutes to complete during a battle. Seriously there's gotta be a better way, my bridge officer is an android....something is wrong.

They need to sit down and revamp the entire science skill and ship problem before adding the patch after the romulan one that's coming.

every mission being destroy-said-ship, the trays not being lockable (abilities auto showup), trays not being saved, keybinds not being saved and retrieved, communications that are being received suddenly removing cloak in space and on ground, almost no diplo missions early on, science heal skills on ground not removing debuffs or being triggered by debuffs, backdrop stars and graphics having clipping issues it's been 3 years now, loading screens between the levels of the ship interior not being anywhere near as fast as the embassy.

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