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# 27 Wanna list?
03-13-2013, 01:08 AM
Here's the ones I can remember off the top of my head:
Why does Mudd let me know he's leaving when i haven't contacted him?
Sector changes do not preserve ship position/rotation.
No transwarp to Romulus.
Inconsistent "F" and <return> acknowledgements
Why can I leave a fleet with one click, but I have to hit return twice to leave earth space?
Can we somehow vote people out of Elite STFs?
I would like to see an "acknowledge all" button on the completed DOFF list.
I would like to see a "hide" button so missions don't appear on my available missions list (must go to mission provider (like Admiral quinn).
Should the chef mission REALLY require 1000 hearts of targ?
- All reputation/starbase/embassy items should be able to be purchased SOMEWHERE.
Can the Azura comm codes please function from the bank?
Can we at least lock item positions so that the "sort" button doesn't kill appearance in the tray.
Game is SERIOUSLY lacking a fleet planning system:
- Officer mail - like officer chat, only goes to selected ranks and UNLIMITED
- BBS - nothing fancy just a way to discuss if we want to concentrate on starbase military or embassy diplomacy.
- at the very least... a non-public text area for discussing/voting/etc.
For Mac users - a full service starbase with a SMALL map. Large, complex maps KILL the wineskin wrapper. One round of Tour usually means rebooting.
Screw that. A MACOS CLIENT!
Why is it that having the inventory up kills the "battle mode"?
Can the need/greed popups be transparent

Oh....Fleet/team microphone popups in the chat window. Every time you drop a team you get another stack of useless space in the chat window. Eventually you have to log out to clear the window. Seems to happen most frequently when team joining a PvE with less than 5 total people.