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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
I had fun taking shuttles into stf's.... I'm not allowed to do that anymore. Why can't I have my fun there?

Oh that's right, because it was considered to be screwing over the rest of the team.

The tech is already in place for pve, why can't they make it for pvp?
I think THAT had more to do with trying to salvage/protect the reputation of STF as a viable example of end-game content-it was becoming a fad, after a while, for teams of shuttles to routinely hammer ISE, then post screen-shots of the feat, (thus proving that even the "elite" stf's were, basically, too easy against a prepared team of good players-regardless of how little said players were actually carrying into the event!)

I say this, because "When I was new"(er) to this game and going through the forums to gather info on how to improve, I saw postings by fleet-teams like the Ausmonauts based on that very feat of defeating "End Game Content(pve)" with, essentially, the smallest and weakest toys in the box. At the onset of S6, the Devs blocked shuttles from STF's-this (iirc) was at about the point when people from LESS prominent fleets were posting theirs-in a way, kind of like the sudden realization up there in Developer land that certain things (tric mines, the T4 Rep Passive, etc.) were making a mockery of "No Win Scenario" and other PVE content.
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