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03-13-2013, 03:38 AM
Originally Posted by satanailofhwbg View Post
I'll do just my general whine

Yesterday I bailed out of a STF for a third time since I started playing STO a year ago. The team was ok (not great, but would have got the optional without putting a sweat) and all, but the connection was horrendous. My ship was going forward and backwards the whole time, one second I'm at full shields, the next I'm at 18% hull (and consequently die). I simply couldn't play....and dying with my main character is a major event (happens occasionally when I try to take the fire from Neggy, Raptor and Cube in CSE and most of my defensive buffs are on cooldown or when I receive 3 HY torpedoes in a time frame of 30 seconds).

Recently I'm having nightmares before I dare join KASE (which I don't fail to do regularly) - it's been far worse than CSE lately. I'm forced to deal with 2-3, sometimes 4 cubes - players disregard cubes and let them wander through the map. What happens if a probe guard can't handle it!? (which is the case most of the time). I'm observing this tendency the last 2 months and it becomes more and more frequent. The other thing is the (unnecessary) change of tactics midway, or the pure cluelessness of players, otherwise having top of the line zen store ships. a few words - I'm not surprised when 2 players go to a transformer, spawn a cube and go PUFF and then concentrate on the former, letting the latter get to me...I'm even kind of expecting it.
Seeing this a lot lately... you also sometimes have one dumbass go away from the rest of the team in a completely different direction, kill 2 transformers and high tail away from the cube as if the borg queen's gonna probe his nether regions...
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