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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
You mean 3rd?

3rd is dead, its up to 5th now ...

It annoys me after I ditched it after the .5 update back in 3rd I apparently still care about this.

D&D started from Chainmail, Chainmail was a miniatures wargame that is why D&D was always so combat heavy since its origin is from a wargame.

D&D was also about killing things and take their stuff, it was very dungeon crawling as first modules attest and eventually Gary group seasons lead what became Greyhawk that was still pretty much kill things and take their stuff.

Sure they were splits, DragonLance became the 2nd campaign world, then come Forgotten Realms ... now this would be long, boring and I would stop when in 3rd since I stop following it ... well most of it but the thing is the entire system revolved around combat because thats the part were it originated from and the part that needed to work, we just need to look at alignment to see how rules about roleplaying would leads us.

D&D back in 3rd was still very much about combat but added a skill system, this very much were non-combat was added to the game for all classes, sure there was something like that back in 2nd AD&D (noweapon proficiency) but as a optional rule.

Now "lore" taken time to build, GreyHawk didnt just started as lore usually account to "why are killing then and taking their stuff" as a reason why you were murdering women and children in their houses and then loot their corpses, it also taken a hell lot of time too.

But anyway ... I am sure were this is going to take place or should I say when because 4th Edition did one thing that was.

Forgotten Realms is not Eberron enough, now it is.

This is very much why I am NOT ever playing Neverwinter Nights or ANYTHING D&D that is done under Hasbro regime.
I refused to play 4ed onwards, I hate it. Spell Plague was a joke and the change to the systems to dumb it down was a joke, just like when Warhammer 40k went from the 2nd Edition to 3rd Edition.