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I've been modifying the above post a bit trying to tweak stuff and added the description and name. This is now Final version of the atrox for when and if they add Admiral and Fleet admiral. Not sure which one it would need as an upgrade. So take the description and change it to have or not have the Fleet in front of it. Either way it's still the highest ranking fed officers being the top two ranks. So the description could still be used regardless.

Anyone have any clue what balance issues would be around with the higher ranks. Any critique on how this would work for a higher level ship? Look good so far or no?

The above changes should put it on par physically with all current carriers and then a bit. But also has more subtle things to give it power. Should add versatility to anyones gameplay which would be nice for a buffed out Fleet admiral final carrier ship! The feeling, hopefully, of all the bells and whistles!

The ships design emphasizes the streamlining of the energy systems and core abilities of the Carrier gaining advantages where that is applicable. Consider the increase crew the extra people required or staffed to deal with the improved added systems. Gives the ship a little oomph in odd places. The ship is also fitted with some improvements to the hull to make it stronger to give it some more life for emergencies.

If I knew enough about inertia vs impulse the nerf to the impulse could be done with some specific knowledge. it's to compensate for the increased hull, systems, weapon, and crew etc. Not that the crew would be that big. Maybe a reduction in the replicators food rations would be due!

***If the above is still too weak by the time Admiral or Fleet Admiral exist. I say add a 3rd or 4rth bay! And change the visual to either an undercarriage bay under the engine or the two closed slots under the current bays Partially modified to be partial "Launching Bays" giving the affect of more bays without adding them practically. Basically and efficiency build to go with the previous proposals!

If the outfitting proccess is canceled you get your normal atrox back and loose resources.(Either all or partial depending percentage completed/used.) If you get rid of the outfitted Atrox you must get a basic one and reoutfit and complete the entire process again.

Another cool thing that could be added to the "Caitian Atrox Signature Masking" special ability is the ability to activate it in combat!

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